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4. University Applications

The university application process is the most crucial step in securing admission in universities abroad which requires intensive accuracy, integrity, and comprehensive presentation. Understanding the importance of this, our EATC certified counselors thoroughly guide students through the extensive university application process and assist them in correctly filling out the applications. We also provide university application fee waiver to the students in certain cases. Our team further provides full assistance and follow up until you graduate.

Application and Letter of Offer

The required documents for an international student's application usually include:

  • Certified copies of your academic history to date, including high school results, university results and awards;
  • Certified copies of your English Language proficiency (eg. IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic, CAE or evidence that your medium of instruction has been English);
  • Certified copies of ID (e.g. passport)
  • For research study, a copy of your research proposal would also be required.

At this stage it is important to choose the schools that are best match for you personally, and we will guide you with our extensive qualifications and experience. This greatly increases your chances of being admitted to your preferred schools.

The institution will reply to your application in one of the following ways:

  • A Conditional Offer letter is a request for additional information. For example, the offer may be conditional on you providing certified copies of your documents or conditional on undertaking further English language training. We will then let you know to arrange for the additional information required. Once the conditions are fulfilled you would receive a Full Offer letter.
  • A Full Offer letter indicates you are eligible for direct entry into that institution's program.
  • A Package Offer letter (a version of a Full Offer letter) is a full offer to a program with an additional conditional offer into another program. For example, a Foundation Package Offer is a Full Offer into a Foundation Program plus a conditional offer into an undergraduate program. The letter would explain that if you successfully fulfilled certain conditions during their Foundation Program you would then be given direct entry into a degree program.
  • After understanding your study options, you need to submit an application form.

Payment and Confirmation of Enrollment

  • A Full Offer (or Package Offer) letter is often accompanied by a letter of acceptance. If you wish to accept the offer you need to sign this document and then you would return it with a copy of the payment (e.g. copy of international bank transfer or credit card authorization form) to the institution.
  • The payment required usually consists of the following:
  • Tuition fees for the program (usually the first semester);
    Health insurance (single or family).
    Once payment is confirmed you are issued an eCoE/I-20/CAS.
  • With a valid CoE/I-20/CAS, we can apply for your Student visa which takes roughly 2 to 6 weeks depending upon the country.
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