7. Turkey

Turkey is one of the best options for higher studies for international students. It has some of the globally top ranked universities that offer international standard education with prestigious degrees that are internationally recognized. Most Turkish universities provide a variety of scholarships for international students to choose from with competitive education that is affordable.

Turkey has become a popular educational destination with more than 30,000 international students enrolled. Turkey is a diverse multicultural society with lively cities, beautiful landscapes, cultural and sports events, and high quality educational system. There are more than 170 state and private universities spread across the country, 70 of which are foundation universities that offer their courses in English by experienced faculty members with strong international connections.

Turkish universities offer international students a rich selection of fields of study including languages, multicultural affairs, international relations, Eastern Mediterranean studies, business management, engineering, travel, tourism and hospitality, to name just a few.

Assorted Top Public Institutions

NameLocationStudents / Int'l
Middle East Technical UniversityAnkara26,471 / 1,389
Bogaziçi ÜniversitesiIstanbul13,202 / 452
Istanbul Technical UniversityIstanbul35,337 / 1,512
Ankara ÜniversitesiAnkara65,734 / 3,127
Hacettepe UniversityAnkara47,221 / 1,759
Istanbul UniversityIstanbul123,506 / 7,867

Assorted Top Private Institutions

NameLocationStudents / Int'l
Koç UniversityIstanbul5,366 / 279
Bilkent UniversityAnkara10,087 / 913
Sabanci UniversityIstanbul3,847 / 341
Baskent ÜniversitesiAnkara14,000 / -
Çankaya ÜniversitesiAnkara7,500 / -
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