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2. Personal Master Plan

Once you decide to work with us, we'll do a detailed interview with you about your unique set of needs & objectives, and develop a complete master plan of all required tasks and their due dates. We'll provide you with clear direction so you'll always know what needs to be done next & by when.

Applying to a foreign university takes a great deal of planning and preparation. This includes selecting a field of study, preparing a list of your preferred universities, scoring well on standardized tests, gathering letters of recommendation, writing essays, applying for scholarships & grants, and the list goes on. Application deadlines can vary greatly with each school, so it's best to start now and get everything done ahead of time in case of any delays that could happen along the way - and they do happen frequently!

The admission process involves a number of important steps that must occur in their proper sequence. Not every step will apply to you since you may not want help with your travel arrangements, for example. However, it is important to understand the entire admission process beforehand so that your transition into your preferred university is as smooth as possible.

The following are the main steps of the university admission process:

Step 1:  Find the Right Schools For You

The top-ranking universities in each country are in high demand and thereby highly selective, i.e., they don't accept just anyone because they don't have to. This means that you should apply only to those universities where you have the highest chances of being accepted and acquiring financial assistance. We represent the top countries and universities where most international students have chosen to study abroad. Our certified counselors will help you to find a selection of institutions that perfectly match your interests and merits, and we educate you about the pros & cons of each one so you can decide for yourself which ones you want to apply to for admission.

Step 2:  Prepare for Testing & Interviews

Testing is required by most universities. We'll help you to register and get prepared for the exams that are relevant to your field of study and the universities you are applying to. Some universities require you to take a small aptitude test online to determine which courses you can enroll in. We'll coach you ahead of time so you can pass these tests successfully and prove your eligibility to enroll in credit courses.

The next important step is to prepare for admission interviews which is required by some of the top universities. This is also a highly decisive step in qualifying for admission since these schools want to know the quality of your character and aptitude before accepting you to their school. We will help prepare you for this important step also.

Step 3:  Apply for Financial Aid & On-Campus Housing

If you need financial aid, you will need to enable each universiy to determine your eligibility for financial aid before you submit your fees. This is a fairly intensive proces requiring an application and supporting documentation that proves financial hardship on your part.

If you want to live on campus, you will need to apply for on-campus housing. This is available on first-come-first-served basis, so it's best to apply early together with the application for admission to the school.

Step 4:  Apply to Universities

Once you've identified a list of universities you're interested in applying to, we organize all your documents and any additional supporting information each school may require for further clarification. Once we have all the documentation together in one file, we can then help you complete the main application for each school accurately and concisely so as to receive confirmation of your admission, scholarship, financial aid, and on-campus housing as early as possible.

Step 5:  Apply for Grants & Scholarships

Applying for scholarships is another intensive process that can involve a variety of academic and/or sporting requirements and deadlines. We search for applicable scholarships for you and help you to fill out and submit each application with all supporting documents. Scholarships may be offered directly by the universities you are applying to, or by various external governmental and non-governmental institutions. We uncover the opportunities for scholarships and grant money that are available to you and help you to go get it.

Step 6:  Receive & Confirm Offers of Admission

Once you're accepted by a university, you will receive an offer of admission that is either conditional or un-conditional. We then help you to fulfill all the requirements mentioned in the offer of admission to confirm the offer. The university may require a deposit amount to confirm your admission before they will issue you a I-20/CAS/CoE (certificate of enrolment) which we'll also help you with. Once you confirm the offer of admission, you will receive your I-20/CAS/CoE from the university within a week.

Step 7:  Get Insurance & Off-Campus Housing

You must have proof of health insurance before you arrive at your destination country. Health insurance is mandatory by most countries we represent, and we can arrange this directly with the university you've chosen. Also, if you choose to live off-campus, we can search for the best off-campus housing available near the university at the cheapest rates.

Step 8:  Apply for Student Visa

Once you've received the I-20/CAS/CoE, you're ready to apply for student visa. It's important to note that you cannot apply for a student visa greater than 120 days before the start date of your course of study in the USA and Canada, and no greater than 90 days in the UK. We help you prepare the visa application documents and coach you for the visa interview according to the country you'll be attending school in.

Step 9:  Prepare for Departure

When you're ready to leave, we educate you about each and every step from your departure to your arrival at your destination and beyond. If you require, we will arrange for your travel arrangements including ticketing, air & ground transportation, hotel, etc.  so you're free to focus on other important activities.

Step 10: Arrive at Your Destination

There are certain sequential procedures specific to each university which must be followed in a timely manner after you arrive at your destination. We will constantly help you in every matter to guide you through successfully. We are always available to you throughout your stay at the university should you need us in any matter.

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