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6. Malaysia

Malaysia is a prime multicultural location for receiving higher education, and one of the most popular destinations for international students. With more than 40,000 students from over 100 countries, it is the center of academic and higher education excellence in the region  The quality of educational institutions in Malaysia is closely monitored by the Malaysian government to ensure that colleges and universities meet the highest standards in education and are internationally recognized. Some of the Malaysian universities have marked their positions among the top 100 universities in the world that prepare competent professionals. This increases the employability of graduates from Malaysian universities.

Some of the other major benefits that attract international students are the comparatively low living cost and safe environment of Malaysia. The various scholarships offered to international students also make Malaysia a desirable option for continuing higher studies abroad. International students can earn an accredited degree from a variety of world-renowned universities from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand through their twinning programs or branch campuses in Malaysia. Malaysia’s law allows students to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours per week, enabling them to supplement their living and earn extra pocket money for traveling and leisure activities. English is the primary medium of instruction at accredited programs in Malaysia, and the tuition fees and cost of living is very reasonable

Assorted Top Public Institutions

NameLocationStudents / Int'l
Universiti Malaya (UM)Kuala Lumpur15,796 / 3,213
Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)Seri Kembangan17,289 / 4,943
Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)George Town16,890 / 2,985

Assorted Top Private Institutions

NameLocationStudents / Int'l
Taylor's UniversitySubang Jaya5,835 / 1,600
Monash University MalaysiaSubang Jaya8000 / -
Monash UniversityMelbourne, Victoria56,000 / 31,000
Curtin University MalaysiaMiri4000 / -
Heriot Watt University MalaysiaPutrajaya1200 / 240
Asia Pacific UniversityKuala Lumpur12000 / 7000
INTI International UniversityNilai5000 / 2000
SEGi University & CollegesPetaling Jaya25000 / -
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